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02 September 2015



Starring  Park Sandara of 2NE1 and Kang SeungYoon of WINNER


1.WE BROKE UP - DARA. Seung-Yun
2.0+1 - Seung-Yun
3.Today - DARA
4.The Two Of Us - DARA. Seung-Yun
5.Wild And Young - Seung Yun
(etc cut.)

21 June 2015




Robocar (Poli, Roy, Helly, Amber)
4 pcs Transforming Robot in 1 SET!!

100% Brand New ON SALE !!!
Brand : Academy
Material : Plactic & Metal kit (ABS)
Size: 4.7" X 3.1"
Quantity : 1 set (Poli, Roy, Helly, Amber)




RM70 termasuk postage

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04 February 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Bisnes online dah semakin maju.... Kali ni chekleen nak cari sesiapa yang berminat untuk jadi agent dan dropshipper bagi produk jualan chekleen..... Jom jana income meh daripada duk sesaje tu, hahaha..

Okay sesiapa yang berminat boleh WhatsApp 017-9529158 atau mesej 0199978458
Boleh like page Kedai online Miss Chekleen Shimotsuki...Barangan boleh tengok di

Okay sekian....

11 January 2015

Are you waiting for VIPFiction From MCLS???

Hello World!!!!!

It feels like years I did not update anything here. and my writing, I mean VIPFiction is not updated. Do you guys want me to write some more??? DO REPLY!!!!! hahaha, just joking. Hmm Im on my way to write a new VIPFiction, do pray so that I can finish my writing. Its been so long I didnt write anything, hope my skill doesnt change. Hermmm, now Im listening to heart aatack Demi Lovato. 

Owkay, in my head there will be 2 stories, or maybe more. I want to write aboutr Kwon Jiyong, Hyungdon, Winner, Nam Taehyun, Bobby, B.I and LeeHi... Maybe they will be partnesr or what. I need some review first about them so I can write something. Hmmm, what else can I say?? Hmmm I becoming a Proud YG Stan, AGAIN?!!!! LOLS, hard to leave them, and I don't know till when will I have to be VIP...hahahaha... Sounds weird huh.. Hmmm, wait from me, whatever it will comes. Maybe something about Chanyeol EXO will come out, hahahaha, joking but I do really like him, a lot. Okay Im being doing research on GD+Hyundong, BIGBANG nowadays, hahaha. Actually spending most of my time watching weekly idol. Okay, thanks to people who waiting for my stories.

Well - This is for my people, my pasrty people, Word Up!!! LOLS

15 December 2012

VIPFiction: BINGLE BINGLE (Can I Be The One, Girl?)

Author: The Official MissChekLeen
Paring: JiTOP (JiHye TOP), JiBae (JiHye YB), JiCheon (JiHye CheonJul)
Time: 2006 - 2012
Warning: The same as usual.
This is only fanfiction, dont sue me please. I'm just a fans who are so addicted to YGE including dancers.
All FANFICTION here are originally written by me, only me and this one too.

JiHye sits at the seat, waiting for the second dance practice with BIGBANG for their second year after debut. She takes out some donuts and put it in her mouth. All of sudden TOP arrive, he glance at the dance room. Purrrfect. JiHye looks at him and smile. TOP walks coolly to her, sits at the other chair and give a quick glance at JiHye.

“Eat first then we practice”, JiHye go to TOP with her foods. TOP looks at her and shook his head but JiHye just put the foods in his seat. TOP eat it, and looks at her again.
“Teach me the dance move quickly or JiYong will be mad at me after this.” JiHye make a face and said “Okay, let’s practice.” JiHye teach TOP intensively and with full concentration. Well, TOP is really out of the league.
“Practise well! I’m tired here”. JiHye pouting and almost leave. TOP quickly catches her from leaving, and grab her right hand and give a cute smile.
“Wait, wait. Okay, okay, once again I’ll promise I focus more”. JiHye controls herself from smiling and she smirk a little. JiHye pull TOP to the dance floor and they practice again for 30 minutes before other BIGBANG’s members and Crazy and HiTech dance crew come.

The love sparks that secretly taken the place when they always do performance together makes them realize something and it happened. But nobody clearly knows that actually they date, it just a works relationship they make it front of people. Once TOP asked JiHye that he want to date her, and they did the relationship secretly starting from 2007. They give and take each other’s well, and TOP obviously saying her name when BIGBANG perform on stage. But, the thing is not like what they want.

2010 – GD & TOP Debut
TOP is preparing his rapping and some dance moves which is not really a dance. Thinking that he needs some guidance in dance moves he out of his room and walks to the dance practise hall thinking maybe GD is there. Unfortunately, GD is not there. There are a few dancers there but he thought he will be uncomfortable with them. As soon as he turns around he sees JiHye in front of him. JiHye who is walking towards the dance practise room also saw him. They smile, and stand still.
‘JiHye, I miss you.’
‘SeungHyunie, I miss you.’

There is no sound appears, only their heart do the talks.
Suddenly someone appears behind TOP. Two dancers from the practise room appear.

“JiHye, when will you come in? Oh annyeong TOP ssi.”
“I will now.” JiHye walks in the dance practise room after gives a smile to TOP.

TOP looks at her back, he misses her so much but what can he do. After the picture that they captured together before leaked, JiHye has so many anti fans and some BIGBANG fans against their relationship. The fans become chaotic and TOP is being warned. Well the leaked picture is only a frame problem, there are more than this actually. Result? YG announces more rules to follow including no dating in YG. Everything must only be about work. Now after they (GDTOP) release new song with their trio Park Bom, (now in 2NE1 Park Bom), fans are crazy about TOPBOM and GBOM couple. Works come first, and they must agree. TOP choose Park Bom. It almost 5 years they keep their secret well, maybe. Problem, no, problems arrive and they can’t even contact each other. TOP is being so busy, JiHye is also busy with her dance schedule and they only keep on their trust, which they don’t know the sequences. Lucky enough for their meddling fate, since GDTOP is doing their showcase around, Crazy dance crew will need to be there too. The second chance and TOP swear to be a better person to JiHye but he needs to protect her from anything like the last leaked photo accident.

Before the show, JiHye makes some arrangements in the dance team. She smiles thinking about her fate with her first love. She and SeungHyun share the first love and it is hard for them to not feel the spark of love once again. She knows both of them don’t have time to date nowadays. TOP has been cast to attend in movie and drama. She feels alone and all she did is practise dancing. Thinking about how hard their love story happened, she sighs. Sometimes she feels jealous when she sees TOP intimate move with Park Bom, the flirting eyes that sparks in him. She does not know if she is being insane or it is normal for her to act like that. Thinking of intimate she also did the intimate dance with TaeYang, and it makes her as TaeYang’s woman to the fan’s eyes. Well TOP has Park Bom and she got Taeyang, fair isn’t it? She already knew someone like TOP sometimes never feel full with just one girl, she knows it and it trouble her. She needs someone who can she always relies on, who she can always be and with who always loves her. When she looks at the fan made video of TOPBOM she thinks she is being dumped. She does not know anymore, they don’t even contact each other nowadays for always being too busy and TOP always hard to pick up her calls. Break up again? She does not know will it be the right choice. It has be the second chance for them to love each other again.

Optionally she had someone that she is close with recently after their second break up, but still she can’t help herself from drowning to him again. Well maybe because TOP is missing her too. She had been into a real scandalous when TOP appear again in front of her. It seems they are fated, but they do not know when it will end but they know it will end, again. TaeYang who has a crush on her looks like he did not feel pleased to see her and his hyung together again. She knows TaeYang is a good boy, it just she did not well prepare to accept him.

I think this is the end of our journey. I prepare myself for the majimak insa. JiHye is not really into me anymore. She told me that I have changed. She honestly tells me that we can’t be together anymore. I feel the pain in my heart, the greatest pain ever. We promise to be just chingu, but I just feel that I can’t let her go. Whatever it is, the truth we have come to the end. I still hope for more, but I feel that there is no hope anymore. I can’t blame myself, I can’t blame her either. It just our love story really has ended, now. The loneliness fills my heart again. Now I don’t have anyone here, even when I am with my members I feel alone. I am always a loner. Suddenly the radio fills my room with 2NE1 song, Lonely. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, my face has become wet with tears. Maybe there will be no love story for me.

JiHye looks at the rings at her hand. Kwon Cheol Jun of HiTech proposed her to be his fiancée and tell her that he does not want to see her cry anymore. She tries not to involve in love with celebrity anymore, but she also does not want to see someone so soon. For a month Cheol Jun show his sincerity and she just need to fall for it. She glad Cheol Jun, his dear friends that she knew for along time wants to accept her as whoever she is, even her heart feel burden at first but now she find peace. She still feels neglected now, but she tries her best to welcome her new life. Her heart still broken for the past love and she hopes Cheol Jun can heal it, she hopes for that and she know he will. Now she hopes there is no more Bingle Bingle in love in her life.

they were really dating starting 2012
(Kwon CheolJun & Kim JiHye)